Twitter Faces New Security Issue As Hacker Puts 5.4 Million Twitter Account Details For Sale At $30,000

Amid all the Twitter drama that has taken place recently, the company is facing more dilemmas. But this time around, it’s acknowledging a new security threat that not too many people saw coming, including its own team of security analysts.

The security vulnerability was first spotted in the year 2022 and since then, we’ve seen it make its way to huge claims of putting the app’s 5.4 million account details for sale. And in return, it wants a price tag of $30,000.

When you actually come to think of the offer, it’s definitely not huge. If you refer to the recent past in the digital world, well, there was a hacker that offered 478 million account details for sale belonging to users of T Mobile.

The scheme came into people’s knowledge in 2021. And closely followed by that was another hacking plot of account details of 70 million AT&T users, which had affected the digital world in the same year, and coincidentally, during the same month.

But this new news is definitely a shocker and has come up thanks to data obtained by Restore Privacy. They revealed how the vulnerability first came into play at the start of this year. At that time, the company says it was definitely a huge security issue.

They also went ahead to pay the first person that witnessed the scheme a staggering $5,000 bounty reward in gratitude.

As far as more details are concerned on the matter, well, we know that there is an impersonating actor who is willing to sell off data that is received through this particular vulnerability.

And believe it or not, this particular post continues to be live as we speak so the threat is imminent still. You can find the hacker on a forum that’s designed for dark purposes like these and by what experts claim, the actor is dubbed ‘the devil’.

He adds that his set of data offers a wide range of candidates that hail from top firms and celebs to random individuals and more. And after some tech analysts and media outlets tried reaching out to him for more information, they got a few more details about the deal.
For starters, it’s for $30,000 and that’s fixed. No bargaining allowed, not a penny more or less. The seller also takes this chance to make a dig at Twitter’s high incompetency, which is why he’s been able to gain the details in the first place.

The webpage Breach Forums is where you’ll find him making the striking claims and deal and there’s also a whole sample of the types of detail that one can get after finalizing the deal.

After taking a look at it, you quickly realize that it’s no joke and Twitter has acknowledged that it’s a growing threat to its firm.

The data comprises profile information taken from Twitter accounts of so many users including some very personal details like email IDs and phone numbers for logins too. Thankfully, there are no passwords yet but you can expect anything.

Twitter fears the issue could exacerbate further by advertisers buying such data for exploitation purposes.

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