Meta Launches A ‘Mature Audiences’ Content Rating For Horizon Worlds To Tackle Abuse And Harassment In The Metaverse

In case you didn’t know by now, Meta has plenty of hopes attached to its metaverse platform, which it believes is the future of digital connection.

And that’s why the company is reportedly pulling out all the stops to make sure the content on the app is the best that users can get.

Meta predicts the platform to be more immersive, engaging, and an absolute transformation from what we witness today. And considering how many aspects are going to be involved, that also means it’s going to be having its hands full of more things to take care of.

This includes more incidents of bullying, cyber crime, harassment, malware, etc. These are all common issues that we’re forced to deal with, considering the current landscape of today’s modern world of social media.

There will be more abuse and Meta admits it and that’s why the firm is putting out all the best it can do in terms of being ahead of the game and protecting all those involved with it during this mega transition.

In the recent past, we saw the company speak about enhancing boundary zones in terms of the VR world, not to mention more options to mute or block out interactions that fail to serve any sort of useful purpose.

The latest of these security measures will include a new content rating tool for ‘mature audiences’ to ensure all content made public through the platform is age appropriate.

This news was recently made public on Upload VR which confirmed how the company recently signposted the new change through an email given out to all users on Horizon Worlds.

Here is where the email detailed that content creators would be required to give their substance a rating before it was published to make sure it’s age-appropriate and in line with Meta’s policies.

This means they will need to specify who the content is for and whether it can be seen by all or requires only mature audiences. In cases where they fail to do so, the content would come under the mature audiences category of being restricted to 18+.

Meta says it has strictly revealed through its policy for Horizon Worlds what is deemed acceptable in the digital environment and it hopes creators can respect that. At the same time, we saw the company go public with what it feels is mature content and needs adult viewing.

For starters, it includes all content that is linked to sexual suggestions and that means we’re talking about nudity and behavior that’s overly suggestive to this adult context. In the same way, it refers to content that is restricted to drugs and its habitual consumption as mature-themed.

Lastly, any content that promotes excessive use of violence and has plenty of blood involved would also need to be looked at carefully.

This isn’t awfully new because the same can be seen on Meta’s own apps where it fails to include sexually themed content, drugs, violence, or any form of criminal behavior across its platforms as well.

We clearly see this as a huge step for Meta that was most definitely needed, considering today’s day and age. The way people have interacted with the company’s video games in the past just makes one realize that so much wrong can happen if the right measures aren’t in place.

Meta vows to protect its users against harm in the VR world as users get on board t build their best experience using the platform’s unique concepts.

The digital experience, as you can see, is fascinating but it has its own fair share of risks. And Meta hopes to play an active role to help minimize as many of them as it can.

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