Cybersecurity Alert Issued For Scarily Realistic-Appearing YouTube Ad Malware On Google Search

There is a new alert making the rounds by cybersecurity experts about a YouTube ad malware that’s so realistic looking that it’s being considered scary.

The ad is dispersed across Google Search and can be seen redirecting vulnerable victims toward a new scam related to tech support. Moreover, it even has the capability of acting like it’s a new security alert that’s getting issuance from Windows Defender, making it harder to detect.

The news comes to us from Malwarebytes which is known to be a leading cybersecurity company. They have gone on to reveal how the giant campaign is more or less serving as abuse for ads displayed across Google.

Whenever any user is seen carrying out a search for the word ‘YouTube’, the associated keywords come with an added advertisement in the top search results. It’s usually labeled to be the ‘Best Youtube Videos For You’.

Cybersecurity professionals claim that there is nothing about the advertisement that appears suspicious from any angle of the spectrum and that just goes to show how easy it is to trick a regular user of the platform. Even the appropriate URL is provided.

There are a whole bunch of unique advertising elements located below it too. And once you click on it, you’re not directed to YouTube. Instead, you are introduced to a support page related to tech that’s actually an entire scam.

It acts like it’s a new alert for security, similar to the ones we commonly get from Windows Defender.

Meanwhile, a recent alert generated thanks to Malwarebytes Threat has shown how the scams are present on different URLs. They have gone as far as mentioning how visitors are being warned that Windows would be blocked because that’s how much questionable business is taking place.

One good news for those making use of VPN is related to how scam sites end up checking if there’s any VPN in close proximity and if that happens to be the case, you’re bound to be redirected toward the original website of YouTube.

Researchers showed how it conducted a test and even called on the number shown on the scam platform. That’s when they came into contact with a support technician that urged the caller to install a certain app on their device.

And while they failed to take heed to the demands being made by the technician, it’s quite clear what he wanted them to do. After installing the app called ‘Team Viewer’, they would soon be getting full control of the computer.

Other cases have shown how such scammers even manage to lock users’ computers in some way, shape, or form. They even send out a warning that your device is being infected and it would be best that you immediately purchase licenses for support.

Some people get tricked into making that expensive purchase that provides zero benefits and in turn, just harms them along the way.

A recent tweet by cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes revealed how the scam is current in its active phase and hence is affecting so many users who fall prey to its malvertising initiative.

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