Top Tech Firms Have Spent More Than $35 Million To Fight Antitrust Measures That Could Decrease Their Market Value

Have you ever wondered why the terms antitrust measures make so many leading tech firms skip a heartbeat? Well, the answer is being outlined in a new report for Q2 that show how some of the biggest names have lobbied to protect their market dominance.

From the likes of Google and Meta to Apple and Amazon too- the list is full of huge firms that are willing to spend all the money they need to surpass anti-trust measures. And as of now, their spending through Q2 has exceeded the $35 million mark.

These four top tech firms are doing everything in their power to battle against antitrust measures because it could end up dropping their market value, not to mention a huge decline in their market dominance as well.

But this value being spent has really opened up so many leading analysts' minds, clearly outdoing the amount spent by big pharma. However, it should be noted that Apple’s spending has more or less gone back to the expected level.

In case you didn’t know, Apple has been in a dilemma for a while now. It’s been in the constant fear of facing the worst consequences of antitrust threats for a majority of its products, not to mention the way its business models are created and put to use.

Be it Apple Pay or the ads related to iPhone, the company forces people to pay in case they wish to sell it device. And one of the greatest threats of all time is one limited to its famous Apple App Store.

But the firm refuses to back down. It has mentioned time after time how it fails to recognize its dominant position in today’s time. It feels like today’s market is either restricted to phones or certain apps. And since Apple only grabs a small share of the phone market in most nations around the globe, it feels it can’t be thought of as having any leading role in today’s tech market.

Additionally, we’ve seen Apple speak about how so many regulatory bodies for competition feel today’s market is solely restricted to iOS apps and Apple disagrees strongly. Apple denies all claims made about it playing a monopoly in terms of its apps and their sales.

It even put forth the example of how developers wouldn’t be allowed to introduce iOS apps into today’s market, without making sales in the App Store.

On the other side of the spectrum, we’ve got some big names like Epic Games who continually argue how Apple shouldn’t intervene when they wish to make in-app purchase sales. But instead, we commonly see Apple interfering for a share in the revenue.

This is exactly where the news about Apple harming developers comes into play as they’re striking a share in their income by making users pay more so the company can benefit.

But again, Apple continues to argue how the practice is so normal and every company has the right to take a slash in the sales it assists in becoming a reality.

This is why Apple is getting criticized around the globe, facing harsh criticism for all its practices. The news is especially true for the 27 nations that fall in the EU, and even the United Kingdom too.

It is believed that Apple’s biggest concern is actually not the UK or the EU. Instead, it’s working to put up a fight against the antitrust measures outlined by the US.

Apple confirmed how its spending on such lobbying practices fell in Q2 of this year but it’s still at the same level seen when compared to the final quarter on 2021.

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