Google is now adding a new feature that will allow users to create automated responses for FAQs on their profile

Running a business is not an easy task especially if you are working alone. Most of the time managing a successful business requires at least two people or maybe more. In this entire hustle and bustle the consumers who have questions about the service or the product, often receive late replies leading to them losing interest.

If you have just started your business then Google might be your best friend with workspace apps and the Google business profile to help you along the road, and now Google is working on another feature that will not only allow you to set up a FAQ section, but it will also let you automate the chats with the consumers.

With this new feature, which BTW was seen by Stefan Somborac who is an SEO professional, business profile users can suggest questions for the consumer to ask when they massage your business on your business profile, like how a chatbot works. And along with it, you can set up the bot to answer the questions for you.

While there have not been any formal announcements regarding this feature from Google we can confidently tell you that it is very much true and that this feature does work. One more thing is that when checking the older cached versions of the page, the FAQ section is absent, which leads us to believe that this feature might be released in the past few weeks.

Now since we are all caught up on the history of the feature, let’s dive in as to how it works.

If you are a business that regularly gets the same questions from a lot of customers, then this might be a lifesaver for you as you could pre-set a list of questions that you expect from customers and then automate the replies to those questions. Thus, your consumers will get their reply in time, and you won’t have to worry about replying to everyone.

This feature could also be used to direct the customers toward a page on your website that will answer their query by adding a link to the response to the question asked.

Now to enable this feature on your business profile all you have to do is to follow these steps. First, go to the browser and search “My Business” on Google. Then click Customers and then Messages. After that click Menu and then Message settings, after clicking on “Manage Frequently Asked Questions.” Lastly, click on +add a Question and add how many questions you want.

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