TikTok Users In Europe Will Now Be Forced To Receive Personalized Ads Based On Their App Activity

If you happen to be 18 years old and are currently based in a European country, well, that means you’ll soon be receiving personalized ads on your TikTok app, depending on the type of activity you perform.

But the shocking part is that whether you’ve consented or not, you’re going to be affected by this piece of news and people aren’t too happy about it.

The new rule is expected to come into play as early as July 13th, 2022. However, it was also revealed how those users who had given consent to such personalized ads in the past on the app would now be given the choice to withdraw the consent. But this will only be applied to those situations where data was reportedly collected before the date of 13 July 2022.

As the company recently mentioned in this public announcement, any data related to user activity that had been collected on and after July 13 would be used in the best interest of users so they could better process it.

However, the news by the leading social media app is not being taken too well by many critics such as Access Now. This is the name of a non-profit organization whose mission is to defend the digital rights of users around the globe. They believe that the new policy is a massive risk to the privacy possessed by millions of users.
A manager working at Access Now reportedly mentioned how TikTok’s rules are a clear-cut example of how the firm wishes to eliminate the rights of so many users that use the platform for the sole purpose of revenue from ads.

She also highlighted how the consent policies that TikTok has in store for its users are far from acceptable and definitely need plenty of work. Let’s not forget how there are often a number of legal infringements taking place and a long list of terms of service that most people fail to read, let alone think about.

Now, the new policy of personalized ads for European users is being looked upon as another way to limit users’ rights while suggesting that users should not have any say in determining how the app uses its information.

The latest update is that Access Now has communicated with TikTok and requested that they rethink the decision while also requesting the Data Protection Board to intervene.

The move does make sense because after all, these social media apps have every responsibility to protect millions of users’ personal data while respecting their private decisions too.

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