TikTok Should Be Removed From Google And Apple App Stores Due To Privacy Concerns, Says FCC's Brenden Carr

FCC commissioner Brenden Carr from the US is stating his concerns about TikTok and how the app deserves to be booted off from Google and Apple’s app stores.

Carr revealed how there was a growing number of concerns arising about the way TikTok was generating users’ data. He also felt that this was a clear invasion of privacy and a security breach that needed to be dealt with immediately before it was too late.

The news comes as there is an increased amount of pressure on the US to deal with China-based issues about data security.

And in case you didn’t know, the video app is one of the most popular running applications in the country, used by millions. But the history of the Chinese-owned company with the US is deemed to be a controversial one as it received plenty of scrutinies when the nation was under the leadership of former US President Donald Trump.

As a leading commissioner in the FCC, Carr says he recently sent out a letter via his account on Twitter to both Apple and Google’s CEOs, asking them for the immediate removal of TikTok from their app stores.

He called out TikTok for failing to be what it appeared on the surface, serving as a clear deception to so many people. Therefore, he felt the time had finally come to expose the truth as it was no longer an app that was limited to just funny memes or a pile of videos.

Calling their disguise nothing less than sheep’s clothing, he mentioned how TikTok does a pretty fine job at behaving like a surveillance tool. He also said that it manages to extract a bucketload of data that is not only personal but sensitive in context.

Despite being asked to comment on the alarming matter, neither of the trio, Apple, Alphabet, and TikTok, were believed to have responded.

Moreover, if Apple and Google decide against Carr’s decision, then they will need to provide a response as early as July 8 that explains why they don’t plan on removing TikTok.

Interestingly, Carr was nominated for his role in the FCC by Donald Trump himself and that’s why the news isn’t something that too many people are being surprised about.

As it is, China was accused of gaining access to US data, thanks to a leaked report by one of TikTok’s employees who delineated the period to be between September 2021 and January 2022.

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