The US Is Feeling The Pressure Of Going Green As Country Faces Challenges With Sustainability

The world we live in today is nothing short of bizarre and challenging. We all want to do so much for the environment but literally have no clue as to where we should really begin.

While some feel the pressure of recompensating any lost time that occurred due to the pandemic, others are finding it hard to deal with inflation and hence fail to play a role in sustainability.

Some positivity did arise during the pandemic like people being more into saving, preferring to take walks instead of the hassle of traveling, and just a lot more appreciative of greenery and mother nature’s finest offering.

But the struggle is back again as the world reopens and the US says it's feeling a great amount of pressure to remain green, let alone go green.

We’re seeing inflation strike the country, as it did to the rest of the world. And these levels are the greatest in history, since 1981. But there are more fears on the rise about the economy getting worse. Hence, the country is expecting the environment to worsen as well.

These problems weren’t bad enough that Americans also have to worry about the added weight of climate change, making the struggle for sustainability an almost impossible affair.

Many citizens claim they are tired of hearing of climate change and they’re also adding that much more work could perhaps be done if we began to worry less and act more.

Since inflation has taken center stage, Americans say they’re forced to make some major cutbacks. And while that sounds terrible, it paves the way for sustainability and fewer emissions too.

You’re going to end up reusing so many things and we don’t see why that’s not a winning situation for all, including recycling in this endeavor as well.

From straws and bags to water bottles too, today’s generation is a little different from previous ones and we’re seeing that sense of care. More and more US citizens are walking or perhaps cycling than before and saving up on energy.

These facts are backed up with stats for Q1 of 2022 and figures continue to rise. Maybe we’ll also see the biking to work trend that has been implemented in various parts of Europe arrive in the US too.

Now let’s not forget how a country’s frugality also impacts its diet and on average, Americans are really worried about their groceries. You’ll see more and more citizens cooking at home instead of eating out.

Experts suggest there need to be great meal alternative options across the board and that’s not only related to financing but also to sustainability. On average, American studies reveal that 10% fewer citizens call themselves meat-eaters. Did we mention how eating less meat and more plant-based meals reduces carbon emissions too?

Last but not least, let’s look at sustainable fashion choices. They are trending in the US market but not everyone is comfortable with thrift stores. The economy has made so many Americans resort to clothing that’s second-hand. And now we’ll be seeing a rise in renting wardrobes too.

See, it’s not just the people but the brands that need to step up their game because now, a point has come where there’s no turning back.

But the problems are there like how more people are putting eco-friendliness at the bottom of the list. Instead, they feel their data privacy is more important while brands are more concerned about how their consumers respond.

Clearly, the motivation is there as researchers have shown how US citizens are 64% more willing to push towards a sustainable environment than other places. It’s just the budgets and climate change that serve as impeding factors to their move. Take a look at below charts for more insights:

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