TikTok’s Systems Are Removing More Objectionable Content And Fake Accounts From The App

TikTok has recently unveiled its Enforcement Report Of Community Guidelines for Q1 of 2022. The app says its systems have detected more sexualized content and fake accounts now more than ever and that’s why they’re on a cleanup mission to free the app from such categories.

Therefore, users posting such content will sadly have to try somewhere else as the report provided a critical overview as to why such content was being removed and the exact number of posts that would now be sent to the trash.

The ultimate aim of the company was to make the platform a clean and safe place for all users while limiting exposure to all forms of harmful content.

You can probably expect that from one of the world’s leading social media apps, considering the great amount of growth it has received in such a short span of time. TikTok says it's forced to deal with hundreds of thousands of community violations that get detected by the system on a daily basis and while it’s not an easy task to manage, they’re doing everything possible.

As a whole, TikTok claims to have eradicated a staggering 102 million videos during the first quarter of this year. The content was flagged as minor safety and it slowly became the biggest reason for content removal during the period January to March.

Next in line came issues relating to both nudity as well as sexual behavior, which as the app says was just another huge issue they’d had to deal with in the first quarter for content removal.

A lot of critics have accused the app of promoting risque content in the past, adding how they’re even giving creators incentives to make such content that satisfies users while building engagements along the way.

This includes a report that went as far as mentioning how TikTok lures people to stay engaged with the app by luring them into viewing explicit content produced by young girls but with these new stringent policies in place, the app hopes to shut down such speculations.

The company says it managed to eliminate 92% of such videos from its platform before anyone got the chance to view them. While we feel that’s a huge accomplishment by the system, there still remains one huge concern.

This is related to how driven some users are to post such explicit content and clearly, that matter requires a more in-depth analysis with consideration from the higher-end authorities.

When it came down to complete account removals, the award went to fake or spam accounts. TikTok’s Q1 report highlighted how there were nearly 21 million fake profiles being deleted during that quarterly period.

And when you look at previous statistics, that’s a major jump we believe as fake profiles arose more than three times as often than previous quarters.

These figures certainly do add up because the app’s popularity is growing with time and that gives rise to a number of people signing up. Hence, more and more scammers would be making their way and trying their luck on TikTok.

Hence, it's advised that users be aware of who they’re interacting with and for what purpose, especially in terms of the fake metrics that some influencers may have for better reach.

At the same time, we’re seeing TikTok share more information about how it plans to tackle the issues relating to misinformation, especially in regard to the ongoing Russian war. Therefore, we’ll be seeing the app take its fact-checkers more seriously now than ever, which is quite interesting because it should have been like that since day one.

TikTok is getting more active and we’re loving it but we hope the matter doesn’t create more issues in the future as they’re getting more involved in people’s feeds.
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