The Next Apple Watch Will Include A Body Temperature Sensor That Detects Fever

Apple watch enthusiasts are going to love the degree of innovation that the company plans on introducing into its latest gadget. This includes a useful functionality in the form of a sensor that detects your body temperature.

Therefore, users having a fever are going to receive alerts or warnings about their current health status as recently reported by Bloomberg.

While it is not believed that the sensor will give watch wearers an exact reading, however, it may end up giving signals in the form of alerts that encourages users to be better aware of their health status so they can visit a doctor at the earliest. Also, it just might be a great warning to pop a thermometer and see where you stand.

This is not the first time we’ve heard about the Apple Watch Series 8 having a temperature sensor. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman did shed light on this exciting innovation in the past as well, we’re talking way back in June of last year.

The repeatedly spoke about how users could potentially see it arising in 2022’s watch lineup but then kind of went back to his claims in January of this year.

He also shed light on how the company was even going as far as delivering breakthrough technology in terms of measuring users’ blood sugar levels. He added that we were just a couple of years away from that endeavor.

It seems that the body temperature sensor has been declared successful by the firm’s internal testing board and that’s why Gurman is writing about it again in his newsletter.

Referring to the new innovative feature as ‘a go’ for the upcoming Watch Series 8 by Apple, he says it just might be a part of another series of watches that the firm is planning on launching for athletes that entails a more rugged interface.

There was also plenty of talk about what other changes users can expect in the new Apple 8 watch series. For starters, the processing power will be the exact same as that seen in Series 6 and 7. But other changes are said to be minor like a unique and updated display.

Meanwhile, Gurman says another Apple product that users shouldn’t be expecting too many upgrades from is the new Apple AirPods Pro. He burst many fans’ bubbles by claiming they won’t be having any exclusive features that were discussed previously like heart rate monitoring and body temperature sensors.

While both functionalities were tested by the firm, it probably won’t be a part of this second-generation product but who knows, you might see it pop up sometime soon.

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