Instagram is updating its blocking feature and will now be able to block existing accounts as well

On April 21st, 2021, Meta-owned Instagram announced that the social media platform had rolled out three new privacy features to ensure a safe experience for users of all ages. One of the features included the ability to block an account as well as any new accounts that might be created by the blocked person.

According to the latest tweet posted by Alessandro Paluzzi, a tech info leaker and mobile developer, the social media application is working to make this feature more useful.

The latest version of the feature won’t only let the user block an already existing or any new account that might be created by the same person, it will also block those accounts that the blocked user might already be using. As a result, the user's privacy can be ensured to its maximum as the blocked person won’t be able to contact them at all.

The rise in privacy and security features started as a result of the complaints registered against the application for not being a safe platform for teenagers, especially girls. Since then, the developers have been updating the already existing features or introducing new ones to provide a safe experience.

As mentioned in the tweet, the developers are still working on it and it could take a couple of months to be launched globally.

Other tools that were also launched along with blocking future accounts include filtering abusive direct messages. As explained by the application itself, abusive messages can have a negative impact on the receiver.

As most of the abusive messages are received via the message request section, this feature will be focusing on those messages only. The user will be able to turn on the auto-filter option. Once it has been activated, the abusive messages will no longer be visible. The filter will be focusing on key words. These key words were selected with the help of different organizations that mainly focus on anti-bullying or anti-discrimination campaigns.

Similarly, abusive comments are also being taken care of by the developers so that the user can be protected from any kind of hatred or abusive comments being thrown at them.

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