Statista Published Its Findings On The Number of Gaming Adults Across The World Per Country

Statista recently conducted a study in the effort of localizing the largest populations of adult video game consumers across the globe.

While such research may seem like a moot point, because adult gamers are well documented and thriving, Statista’s researches are less concerned with proving new points and more just documenting consumer habits and patterns. Even this research is less oriented towards gauging the amount of adult engagement with video games as compared to that of children; it just wants to highlight which countries have more adult gamers. Honestly, though, I’m sort of glad that gaming is being taken a bit more seriously as a hobby nowadays. Sure it doesn’t provide the same level of physical engagement as football or swimming, but neither does reading or playing chess. People aren’t particularly ridiculed over the latter two in their 20s or onwards.

Honestly, I feel like much of the disdain towards adult gaming comes from older generations being unable to divorce animations from child-oriented content. Which doesn’t make a lick of sense to me considering that content along the lines of Heavy Metal and Aeon Flux was available post-90s. At any rate, the stereotypes are slowly but steadily moving away, and we’ve got entire research to delve into.

First, let’s take a look at Statista’s definition of the word adult for this particular study. Adults ranging from the ages of 18 to 64 were surveyed, with a total of over 7,000 respondents ranging from approximately 40 countries being accounted for. Honestly, I’d have liked for the research to include ages above 64 as well, if only to sate my curiosity over how many 70+-year-old gamers exist, but I digress. Each individual from the sample population was queried over whether they were frequent gamers or occasional gamers, and whether or not they were mobile gamers as well.

Mobile gaming has been a booming industry over the last few years, and massively expanded during the 2020 lockdown situation. It can no longer be discarded as a “casual” game style; have you seen the number of individuals that play Genshin Impact religiously?

The country with the most adult gamers ended up being the United Arab Emirates, with approximately 91% of respondents from the region identifying as gamers. The UAE also has the largest population of occasional gamers but also has a respectful number of serious gamers at just over 20%. Nigeria, Indonesia, China, and India complete our top 5 list, with the respective countries’ large populations and notable mobile gaming scenes contributing to their positions on the Statista leaderboard. Spain, the USA, the UK, Finland, and Japan close out our top 10 list for the most adult gamers per region.

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