Metaverse and MMO Are Similar To Each Other But How Is Metaverse Going To Update the Existing Landscape

Metaverse is becoming a center of many technology-related things. But we all know online gaming has been using the same landscape as Metaverse since the 2000s and especially with MMO gaming, the users can see how similar they seem to each other.

MMO Gaming is becoming an important part of the online gaming world. Massive Player Online (MMO) games enable the users to interact with players within the game through audio and text. MMOs are getting so popular that companies are getting the help of different successful and famous authors to write the storyline of games so more people can get attracted to the game. The most popular MMO game is Call of Duty and different other games are also in this run.

The difference between MMOs and Metaverse gaming is that the former has a storyline and the latter doesn't have one. MMOs are more interactive and progress through a certain story but this isn't the case with metaverse gaming. When a user starts playing the game, the metaverse starts progressing according to it without any direction of a story. The most important component in Metaverse gaming is VR headsets. VR headsets are the core way of communicating and interacting while playing the game. Meta has developed its own Quest VR Headset series so everyone using different devices can use it. In Q4, it was reported that these specific headsets had a sell-out of 90% globally. Now Sony and Microsoft are also going to release their VR Headsets.

Rumors are that Meta is going to release its new PlayStation headset VR2 by the end of 2022 but with the ongoing issues with the OEM, it is not looking possible. So the chances are that this headset will be released in 2023. Sony has also come forward to say that 20 new games are getting ready to be released with the new VR headsets. But as the Meta products are already on the market, Sony's are not going to be as successful as the company is hoping. Sony is still going to get potential customers as the ones who already have a PlayStation will want the games and the ones who are interested in the titles will also be buyers because they cannot get names with Metaverse gaming. It is predicted that Meta's VR will make up to 40M by the end of 2025.


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