Starlink Isn’t Available For Moving Cars Yet But Ukraine Is Already Testing The Internet System On High-Speed Vehicles

SpaceX’s breakthrough internet system isn’t officially launched for moving cars yet but that’s not stopping Ukraine from carrying out tests on vehicles running at 80mph and beyond.

The recent test was carried out by a number of users in the country who managed to stream apps like YouTube while seated inside their high-speed vehicles.

Reports about the news were made public on Monday when the country’s Vice PM put up a video through his social media account that depicted his team engaged in installations of the system.

The content from Mykhailo Fedorov showed team members busy at work with the Starlink Internet Dish getting installed over a car. Moreover, the actual dish was seen to be connected over the car’s tire which experts claim would do justice in working as shock absorbers.

After that, the video shows the car running at 130km/hr across a highway. Interestingly, the internet system is seen never to lose contact or access to its server along the way, proving the test to be a success.

This was swiftly followed by a message across his Twitter account that spoke about how the country is currently possessing nearly 12,000 different Starlink systems and they’re providing the best internet service to tackle the most difficult conditions.

He even confirmed the success of the recent test on fast vehicles with his video.

On the other hand, the country’s head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation was seen speaking about how losses linked to data packages were estimated to be 7%. Therefore, systems like these that work at great speeds and provide 94% stable internet service are just miraculous stability.

Ukraine’s team also managed to conduct a speed test that showed high latency but the quality of the internet system was amazing and so great that they ended up watching plenty of YouTube content with ease inside the comfort of their vehicle.

This test was only made possible because Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been making round-the-clock deliveries of thousands of their Starlink systems, ever since the war by Russian forces against Ukraine began.

At the moment, this is the highest country in Europe to be delivered this many Starlink internet dishes. And it makes sense as the war-torn nation continually faces huge challenges as life comes to a standstill.

Ukraine has stated that it would soon be sending the results of the test to SpaceX.

For now, we’re aware that Starlink isn’t supported in fast-paced cars across countries like the US. And in case some tests are conducted in this regard, they’re done so with the risk of losing out on product warranty.

But we did see Starlink activating a new update called mobile roaming that had been released in March. This way, users would be allowed to benefit from internet service while they were on the move.

This is why you’ll find plenty of content creators and YouTubers making the most of the app while they’re traveling, proving that the breakthrough technology does actually work.

Hence, it’s only a short matter of time before we see an official launch on all vehicles.

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