Google is Trying Out New Updates To Add To Its Search Result Pages

For a few days, Google is a jet set to make its result page more updated and useful for users. For instance, it is working on trying out new features. One is to add videos to its popular products section. The other update that would be a part of Google search results will be to information cards, net worth, and a video to some celebrity results or any search of this sort.

Coming back to the first update, which was spotted by @Punit6008, Google is thinking about adding videos to its popular products section. This means that when you look for a product, you will see a video too along with the different products. This little change may not seem huge to many but it can make a huge difference to Google. If someone watches a video of a product, he is more likely to look at every aspect of the product. He can look more closely and then think if the product is according to his demand or not. The popular products section will become a great marketplace for many sellers if it happens permanently. We still do not know if Google plans on making it a feature but it looks like it will serve the purpose and Google is just taking things slow.

The other feature was exclusively for celebrities and other influencing personalities where Google will show rich cards to the results, reports Brodie Clark. It is a great way to tell information about a person to the user, all in one place. Let's say you search for Elon Musk. When the results come, you will be able to see a video, a prominent section of his net worth, his occupation, and pictures of him. You will not have to ask questions separately to know all about him. This update is also just circulating to some people and hasn't been confirmed by Google itself.

When you search for a celebrity name, you will get a video, some popular images and articles, net worth, and some most asked questions as a result. This is a great feature and now we only have to wait if Google makes it a permanent part of its search.

Both features, video to the popular products section and rich cards, are just circulating on Twitter and Google hasn't said a word about it. Nonetheless, the people are excited and now it's just a fight against wait.

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