Remote working is still a big challenge for companies, especially when it comes to cyber security

The COVID-19 pandemic made its entry two years ago, in 2020. Since that time, the aftermath of the global lockdown can still be seen in the form of work from home, where employees are working from remote areas.

As the situation started to escalate to an alarming level, many countries began to implement rules such as social distancing and work-from-home policies to de-escalate the growing number of COVID-19 patients.

Working from home is still in use in several companies even after 2 years. According to the latest survey conducted by TechRadar Pro in association with Perimeter 81, a Business VPN alternative, three thousand Intelligence Technology members and other company workers were surveyed. The results of the survey showed that most organizations and institutes are still thriving to find a solution to ensure cyber security for their employees.

The feedback received from the survey questions revealed that a wide number of firms still lack cyber protection. However, almost ten percent of the companies said they were looking forward to implementing security measures. On the other hand, about 9% of businesses planned to add VPNs to their list of security measures.

Fifty percent of the companies surveyed said that they are using a cloud-based cyber protection method, whereas fifteen percent of them are still looking for other possible options to make the system more secure.

Over the last 2 years, the average user's screen time has increased a lot exponentially. This led to a rise in cyber attacks, hacks, or using malware to breach data. Most of the workers didn’t have much experience with online work, which compromised security for their company, and attackers took advantage of this situation.

Many firms are now taking actions to enhance cyber security as well as setting up seminars to give awareness of how an unprotected device can compromise the data of the whole company. Measures such as the use of VPNs or adding firewalls for protection are also being used by many organisations, as shown in the survey.

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