Report shows, most marketers are facing problems when trying to draw actionable insights

Marketing is at the epicenter of any company as it helps the company reach out to customers and marketers are struggling to identify data insights.

These insights can come in the form of a report on a flawed product or a critique from a huge business advisor etc. all of the industries related to the Fashion and Beauty industry have always been at the front line of online advertising and e-Commerce.

Data that was released in a report titled The State of Measurement 2022 by Publicis Sapient shows that the best way for a brand to market their product online in Owned media (39%) and is followed by Influencers in the second place with 22%.

As everything evolved with new technologies, marketing using the endorsement from Influencers on different platforms has also evolved. This new evolution allows brands to gain a more clear understanding of how the endorsement from Influencers drives their actual sales.

As a result of that, the main focus of company sales analysts has changed from measuring awareness and consumer engagement to seeing how consumer communication affects sales. The report that we talked about before analyzes the shift mentioned above by consulting the data from a survey of 650 people who are professionals in marketing, communications, and public relations in first-world countries in Europe and the U.S, as well as surveying 496 experts from China, the hub of technological advancements. The survey was conducted between October 13th to November 19th, 2021.

While it is doubtless that influencers earn their money well based on the revenue they produce for the company, it is also crucial that marketers have the tools they need to provide the correct and accurate analysis on the topic that they are working on. Some marketers believe that the tools they need to identify performance are lacking in their performance. Most brands identify this as a challenge or hurdle they need to get over.

Along with this 34% of CMOs with 51% of CTOs are saying that they believe that the marketing data that is given by analysts is unreliable. They say that relying on partners to create self-reports makes it susceptible to manipulation or misinterpretation of performance.
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