Apple’s Tim Cook And Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg Unite For New Education Initiative

While the CEOs of two of the world’s top tech organizations are usually deemed to be archrivals, they are now uniting in the form of showing support for a common education initiative.

More than 500 leaders belonging to various sectors including education, NGOs, business enterprises, and more are calling upon US governors and others leading the education industry to help update the K-12 syllabus for American students.

They believe the time has come to make the country realize that the digital era cannot be ignored and for that reason, they’re willing to go the extra mile to have a subject like computer science introduced in schools.

The request for support came in the form of a letter that has been shared with the general public regarding the quintessential subject that many believe young minds need to learn. And among those 500 people who stepped forward and united in showing support for the cause were none other than Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The letter that was shared spoke about how every single industry is being impacted greatly by digital technology and therefore all schools should reserve the right to serve Computer Science as an integral subject to make students aware of how the world of technology actually works.

Additionally, the letter spoke about how students shouldn’t only be viewed as customers. Instead, they need to be seen as creators too, and what better way to instill that in their minds than through the teaching of basics.

In reality, we’re only seeing computer science be taught to a selected few while the majority are left behind including those of color and young women. And that needs to stop, the letter added, as it should be available within reach to all.

While we usually see the two CEOs butting heads with their competitive tech platforms, it’s great to see them sharing a common ground like this where so many talented and young individuals can benefit.

And that’s why when we saw Apple’s CEO and Meta’s CEO as signatory, it really stood out for obvious reasons.

As it is, Apple’s new data tracking and transparency rules have made matters worse for Meta, leading the two giants to engage in plenty of controversial talks on the matter. But here, the picture is totally different.

Other notable signatories include billionaire Jeff Bezos, Satya Nadella, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

Remember, the US is a world leader in technology and the fact that only 5% of its students are studying the subject is definitely a point of concern.

Photo: AFP / Getty

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