Nearly 3 in 10 of US consumers won’t buy electric vehicles, according to a new survey

Despite the popularity of electric vehicles worldwide, some Americans seem somewhat less interested in purchasing electric cars as per findings of new research from Consumer Report. The study involves 8,027 adult car buyers and unveils only 14 percent of them would surely purchase an entirely-electric-based vehicle. 57 percent of buyers would likely consider one and the rest wouldn’t prefer buying an entirely electric vehicle.

Though electric vehicles aren’t difficult to use, still Americans consider buying an EV isn’t a good choice. According to an overall global study, more than a quarter (69%) of US citizens think they don’t need to buy electric cars. While Chinese and Indians also responded that their next vehicle will not be fully electric based.

When Americans were asked what’s stopping them from buying electric cars. 61% of respondents answered they were worried about charging the vehicle. 55 percent said they don’t know how much distance their EV car will cover before it needs to be recharged. Lastly, 52 percent had price concerns, electric costs, owning, and expenses in maintaining the electric car.

Apart from income, and the high cost of electric vehicles, lack of knowledge about several aspects of an electric car is also a key factor. People don’t have awareness about car taxation, ecological impact, and the usage of EVs. They feel hesitant in buying EVs since they don’t have prior knowledge of driving them. The study reveals approx. 46 percent have no idea about tax incentives for electric vehicle owners. Another thing is charging time. Also, there are very few (around 17 percent) charging stations in the US and the charging infrastructure is limited.

To increase electric vehicle adoption, it is important to expand charging infrastructure and make it available in every nook and corner. Plug-in models should also be made less expensive. Along with that, given access to tax incentives to every buyer. Educate people about the significant aspects of electric vehicles as well as the positive effects that emerge out of their adoption. Frankly speaking, when people themselves experience electric cars, they will look forward to buying them as their next car.

Anyway, American automobile companies are working hard to electrify their lineups, spending billions on electrification, and expecting that half of the population of the United States would be using electric vehicles by 2030. The majority of US marketers plan to lease or go for fully electric vehicles in the upcoming years.

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  1. 69% is almost 3/4 that WON’T buy an electric car. Why are you claiming that 69% is 1/4?

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