Elon Musk Proves He Doesn’t Have What It Takes To Save Twitter As Company Vows To Drag Billionaire To Court

Elon Musk has recently filed a motion with the SEC to terminate his $44 billion Twitter transition deal. And that is clear proof to the world that the billionaire does not have what it takes to save the company.

But the legal matters are predicted to get worse as Twitter claims to have had enough of the drama and repercussions of a pending transitions that has been going on for months. They’ve suffered an incredible loss, not to mention removed some top executives to try and pull through with Musk’s ideology.

The company has told the Tesla CEO that they’ll be seeing him in court now and as things get messier by the second, but we’re seeing Musk work against his own myths on life.

Before we get into the actual details of Elon Musk’s formal filing with the SEC that has been turning heads, let’s remember what Musk had stated at the start when the deal was actually moving in the right direction.

Nobody forced the world’s wealthiest individual to purchase a leading social networking company. Hence, it was Musk who came forward and showed interest and that’s how the deal came forward.

There was so much troll behavior, to begin with. And if you actually see the way things played out, we doubt that Elon Musk had any serious intentions of moving ahead. Others have a strong belief that this was all done intentionally by Musk and many aren’t finding it funny.

Musk mentioned a number of promises but he clearly fell short of them all. And that just goes to show what type of a person Musk is, not to mention the negative impact all of this has had on his reputation.

Yes, Musk works hard and he definitely has the brains to attain such a massive fortune, not to mention his bizarre sense of humor and mood swings that can be seen on the platform.

A lot of credibilities was lying on Musk actually coming forward to save the world in front of us, as he promised to make it a better place for all. But clearly, this man fell short.

He told us all that he was more than motivated to turn Twitter around as the world needed to hear the truth instead of basing their reality on the perceptions of a few leaders. He added that this was the era of free speech and he wanted to bring that back.

During a recent TED talk conference, he reiterated how his deal had nothing to do with money, and instead, he emphasized how it was more related to the future of generations to come. Later on, we saw the billionaire speaking to the Twitter board and a number of employees through a virtual conference call. He stated how the platform had the mega potential to be one of the greatest in the world, adding how he wanted the app to contribute to the betterment of society.

Wow, so many of these statements really hit home and people were more than excited to see what was next. But when you hear about the sudden termination of such an explosive deal, you can’t help but question what the billionaire’s real intentions were, to begin with.

Musk says in his SEC filing that Twitter didn’t follow the clauses mentioned in the merger agreement. And that was related to not giving enough data that would assist him and his team in figuring out the actual number of fake accounts.

Whatever the case may be, it’s all in court now and we believe this ordeal will be an interesting trial. But again, you can’t help but ask what kind of person gets pleasure by trolling the world.

Photo Creator: MIKE BLAKE | Credit: REUTERS

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