Researchers Issue Alarming Threat About Android Joker Malware In Google Play Store Apps That Exploits Victims On Compromised Devices

Google always claims to take immense pride in terms of the security of its apps at the Play Store, however, like every other store it's not perfect. Therefore, researchers are now issuing a new malware warning for a trojan dubbed the Joker Malware.

There are a number of cybersecurity experts who are routinely uncovering dangerous malware-filled apps that are roaming around freely. New warnings for researchers claim the issue is extremely concerning because you can’t distinguish them from the harmless apps that can actually be downloaded without a fear.

This new spyware called the Joker is another name for a trojan that enables actors to carry on exploiting victims having compromised smartphone devices. Similarly, it’s believed that the trojan can also move ahead by installing a series of other harmful malware apps through its actions.

The trojan has recently been spotted again on the Play Store and as a whole, there have been more than 100,000 installations that have taken place recently.

Thanks to the research specialists at Pradeo, we’ve come to learn more about how this malware was initially seen in at least four apps on the Google Play Store. The apps were also delineated by the experts to be: 1. Quick Text SMS 2. Blood Pressure Monitor 3. Voice Language and Translator 4. Smart SMS.

Thankfully, the apps were highlighted by the cybersecurity professionals, and a detailed report was sent out to Google too. The search engine giant immediately acted and removed the apps.

But that doesn’t mean that there are so many thousands of users who had already downloaded the applications. And hence are at risk of having their devices compromised. Remember, there are almost 100,000 installs that have already been conducted so people are definitely in trouble.

Experts have even gone as far as mentioning that if you may be one of those who accidentally installed this, then they suggest you immediately uninstall. The end result could be these apps serving as gateways for hackers that infect Android Devices and all other sorts of malware.

Going back down memory lane, we’re not sure if you know this but Google’s Play Store is not a stranger to this particular strain of malware. It was at first seen being linked to a number of Android applications back in 2017.

The shocking part is how it continues to go unnoticed, even after you’ve downloaded and installed it on your device. Experts believe it has a tiny footprint in the form of a code that enables this.

Later on last year, experts saw how the malware went about infecting around 8 different apps in June and that was quickly followed by its discovery in 16 apps in the month of August.

Then in that same year, we saw the trojan infecting an app providing wallpapers based on Netflix’s hit South Korean series Squid Game.

At the start, this malware was more based on text messaging fraud, and that really affected victims big time as the trojan made financial gains. It can read texts, make phone calls, enter your contacts, and intercept notifications as well. But the scariest part is related to the malware gaining upon your passwords and any security codes.

So, how can you stay safe and protected from such awful ordeals? Well, we’ve got some great tips from the experts. Now, spotting such malicious apps is easy. For starters, you can beware of those apps arising from a developer that only has one app attached to its name.

Secondly, any app with an intensely short privacy policy must be steered clear of. Also, if there are no signs of any firm website mentioned, then you’re better off ignoring it.

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