LinkedIn adds a Carousel option below the post-bar to allow creators to share chunks of knowledge with clear visuals

Earlier in 2019, the employment-oriented platform LinkedIn introduced the ability to integrate PDFs to LinkedIn posts, allowing you to change documents into sliders. Now, the platform rolls out a native carousel option to disseminate facts and figures to highlight the performance of a business and catch meaningful interaction with the target audience.

As you know, LinkedIn is not just a social network but also a marketing opportunity that pushes you to grab new customers. LinkedIn carousels are a collection of different elements with PDF attachments to promote your company’s new offerings, and services, or simply showcase your company’s strengths. A carousel is a kind of post format that contains various visuals that you can swipe horizontally. To explain further, social media analyst, Matt Navarra shared a screenshot that shows LinkedIn adds a carousel post in LinkedIn updates. With this option, you can design your carousel by adding video clips, alt text, or graphics to your post. In addition, you can also reposition the order in the way you want before uploading your LinkedIn post.

With the native carousel posts option, brands can drive engagement to a new level. They can display documents and slideshows of the information that boost brand awareness in the app. Carousel posts have attractive visuals which are why at the moment it's a bit popular as well. The posts consisting of documents are frequently uploaded on the LinkedIn app and the results are self-explanatory. It generates three times more clicks than any other stuff. These posts stand out from the newsfeed due to the PDFs and presentations displayed. Study shows, video clips generate a massive engagement per impression rate for small to middle-sized accounts. This year LinkedIn’s video views rate reached an average of 15.61 percent, while the average LinkedIn page reach rate hit 3.49 percent. This piece of information lets us assume that the carousel engaging content is hidden behind this.

It is essential to mention here that the carousel’s usage among users is gaining widespread popularity. It’s a little astonishing to see the platform convert it into a legit posting functionality. LinkedIn says that first they’ll roll out carousel posts with leading creators and then make it accessible for all the public worldwide.

So for creating visuals for your next LinkedIn post, all you need to do is click on the carousel option within the LinkedIn post and convert your static text into appealing content.

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