LinkedIn Rolls Out Its Business Manager Platform To Assist Businesses Manage Multiple Accounts

If you happen to be a business that struggles with the ownership of multiple accounts, then we’ve got some news for you.

LinkedIn is making sure its business users get maximal benefit from the app with the launch of a new and innovative feature called the Business Manager Platform.

The whole idea is to assist firms with more than one account to organize and better manage their workflow on the app. Moreover, the company says it hopes the move can better streamline the firm’s marketing process along the way.

With this new functionality, users simply need to add in all of the accounts managed by the business and that’s it. This gives them the freedom to control all of them across a single dashboard.

The company released a recent post that better explains how it all works and what benefits companies can affect from the feature.

Not only will the business be able to better manage their clients, but they’ll also be given the chance to organize their ad-based accounts, other business partners, and their pages in a single place.

For those large-scale entities that work with more people and pages, they’ll also be given a central view of how their operations are being carried out, not to mention full control over them too.

LinkedIn says the app will allow its users to grab a hold of its permission and also guarantee access with the help of a centralized approach that links all the profiles together with its different users too.

At the same time, users will be getting the chance to share their data belonging to Matched Audiences from different ad accounts. This is another great way to gain access to customized audience members while taking into consideration the various details of various profiles involved.

We first saw the app make the announcement for the feature last month as it began a limited trial phase. Now, however, it is all ready to give access to different businesses on its new platform. But wait, the feature is not exactly up for grabs at the moment as LinkedIn continues with the beta phase right now.

The move is definitely a strong one and super handy for those big entities as well as agencies that need more assistance in terms of management. Similarly, we feel it’s a great feature as everything is now centralized instead of being as widespread as before.

We feel the whole concept is related to bringing things closer together while adding a new sense of ease and convenience.

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