Birdwatch Is Elevating Contributions Provided By Users Whose Notes Are Deemed Helpful By Others

In a world where we’re surrounded by misinformation galore, Birdwatch has stepped in to make sure contributions on Twitter are as accurate and reliable as possible.

Today, the company has launched a new update that will surely benefit those using the program.

While we agree that not everyone may be familiar with the offerings, the new update is being seen as an incentive for volunteers who constantly strive to make sure the platform is nothing but honest and reliable.

The app has chosen to reward users whose notes and readings are always given a nod of approval and constantly deemed helpful by elevating the contributions provided.

The move is designed to help provide protection against manipulation while also safeguarding attempts that affect the impact and ground standing that such contributions provide in general.

Birdwatch made the live announcement for its update through its official account on Twitter recently. They also added how the new update was seen as a robust and strong move to motivate more contributors to take such stands that would benefit the entire online community on social networking platforms like Twitter.

With more weight being added to posts made by contributors that are given the green light by audiences on the app, it’s definitely a step that many see in the right direction to fight against misinformation. And as we all are quite aware that Twitter has been struggling with that for a number of years.

Birdwatch concluded its post by mentioning how hard it is working to make sure such safeguards continually roll out through its channel and onto Twitter. They also hoped to make Birdwatch more accessible to others, which again has been a common complaint by many using Twitter.

A link was also provided for the new update with which users can simply click, download, and work with, while more updates are soon to come, it explained.

On the other hand, Nima Owji, shared a screenshot that shows the micro-blogging platform is also working on “Rating Impact” and “Writing Impact” feature for Birdwatch.

The scoring/rating system appears to work something like Google's Local community guides, where Birdwatchers will be rewarded for correct/helpful notes or something like Reddit's karma point that shows how valuable a member is in terms of its activity.

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