New Lawsuits Filed Against Instagram Accuse The App Of Playing A Huge Role In Teen Eating Disorders

Meta is in hot water again as its Instagram app has received two new lawsuits filed against its name. These cases allege how the platform played a major role in instigating eating disorders in female teenage users.

The news comes at a time when Meta is already finding it immensely difficult to tackle other legal proceedings that boldly indicate how aware Meta is of the harm being done to young users. Yet, it chooses to do nothing about it.

A total of two families based in the US have filed Instagram lawsuits, blaming the app for the great amount of damage and suffering that their teens endured due to the platform’s irresponsible behavior. At the same time, they accuse Instagram of fueling such disorders among young female teens too.

Both cases had been filed in the city of San Francisco and that is giving critics all the more reason to believe that Meta handles Instagram in a manner that is harmful and is well aware of the wrongdoing, especially since the app is a huge favorite among younger audiences.

One legal proceeding has even gone as far as calling out Meta for coming up with the ultimate storm linked to addiction, drastic exposure to dangerous content, and also the issues related to social complex in today’s society.

And that is what caused significant harm to a young teenage girl named Alex who is believed to be suffering from harsh physical, mental, and financial side-effects of such behavior.

On the other hand, the second lawsuit speaks about Instagram being the dangerous product that it is, causing mental trauma and physical suffering to a young teenager that is believed to impact her world forever.

In both cases, the ages of the teenage victims during the time of joining was 12, which is shocking as the app’s policies require users to be 13 and above. To share more light on the matter, Instagram was requested for a comment but it has yet to do so.

Whatever the case may be, these cases are very similar in nature to what was mentioned by one whistleblower last year. And that is when the ex-Facebook employee boldly accused Meta of knowing that it's Instagram app had the potential of making incidents like suicide and health disorders worse in younger female audiences.

Despite Instagram denying such claims in the past, psychiatrists and other health experts continue to ring the bell about how harmful of a platform the app really is and how it’s getting worse with time.

H/T: Reuters

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