Is Telegram's Premium Feature Really Helping The Messaging App Grow?

The popular messaging platform, Telegram, just recently released a paid subscription feature that allows users to take advantage of improved features on the platform. Compared to other useless subscriptions such as Snapchat+, the Telegram paid subscription includes features that users can benefit from.

Paid subscription dubbed ‘Telegram Premium’ allows users to upload up to 4 GBs to upload files such as images, videos, gifs, etc. Moreover, you get faster download speeds, premium stickers, and exclusive reactions, as well as other cool perks such as animated cover pictures.

From the statistics, we can see Telegram has generated over $480 thousand worth of net revenue. To analyze this, we can see that 17% of this boost came from Google Play. It is worth noting how the Russo-Ukraine conflict has played a major part in Telegram’s success as the highest-rated spender count came from Ukraine which was only second to the US. Similarly, the rest came from Apple Store where Ukraine was again the second most popular spender after Russia.

Telegram is aiming to reach sustainability by relying on its user base to purchase its services. Telegram’s founder was quoted saying that all they need Is just 2-3% of their users to subscribe to their premium feature and they would make enough to sustain the platform. Now 2-3% might not sound like a big deal but with a user base of 700 million, what you need is 14 million subscriptions so it’s not as easy as you might think.

Considering that Telegram’s users are more accustomed to free features and haven’t spent anything on the platform, this could be a hard task to accomplish for Telegram. The same is the case with Twitter with its premium features.

We can expect Telegram to pull through in some time even if the low revenue is making the process slower.


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