Google’s broadcast service, YouTube TV hits an all-time high up to five million subscription members in 2022

Among the various Live TV services like Sling TV, DirecTV, FuboTV, and YouTube TV which is owned by Google has recently crossed five million subscribers and trailers. Back in February 2017, when Google rolled out its live cable streaming app, it was meant to provide unplugged cable services with a full packed in-class experience. The number of paid members in late 2020 was 3 million and now in 2022, the figure is comparable to Hulu Live TV owned by Disney Plus which has 4.1 million subscribers as of April 2. With this in mind, Google’s YouTube TV has certainly outpaced its competitors' streaming services. However, Google didn’t mention the exact number of subscribers and non-paying trial consumers when it says it hits 5 million members.

Currently, in the United States, YouTube TV ranks as the fifth-biggest Live TV platform, just five years after its launch. The top pay-tv platforms include Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, Direct TV, Dish, etc. The subscription cost of YouTube TV Is $64.99 per month. Initially, it was $35 but due to advanced programming, they have raised subscription prices as well. Most of the users think the streaming service was perfect when the price was $35-$45 per month and only 35 channels. But afterward, they started escalating prices by adding unimportant channels and fighting with other companies about streaming rights. Others also want YTTV to bring missing channels: Vice, NHL Network, Circle, and Lifetime on the to-add list too.

Moreover, YouTube TV offers over a hundred channels including ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, and other add-ons such as Sports Plus and 4K Plus. The application features limitless cloud-based DVRs which can simultaneously access six accounts in each household. At present, the trending DVR shows are Grey’s Anatomy on ABC, Yellowstone on Paramount Network, This Is Us on NBC, and 60 Minutes on CBS.

In addition, YouTube Music had reached fifty million subscribers as of September. These subscriptions are essentially non-advertising YouTube revenues. Meanwhile, Alphabet, Google’s parent company decided the Live TV facility would be called ‘YouTube Air’ because in past it used TV antenna over-the-air TV signals. So, when YouTube TV was about to launch the code name was designed as Unplugged----- meaning consumers won’t need a cable box for watching their favorite TV channels.

Furthermore, all the streaming services are craving for users to hook their interest in their content universe. Apart from YouTube, Apple and Amazon are also in the same vein. Both of them had offered consumers to subscribe to HBO, and others through them.

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