Finally YouTube's Picture In Picture Feature Will Be Available For iPhones and iPad

Last month, YouTube announced that its picture-in-picture feature will be available for all YouTube users of iPhones and iPad. Initially, this feature will be globally launched for premium YouTube users and free YouTube users in the USA. The test of these features was carried out in April and then it is properly launched now. Premium users will easily enable these features manually. PiP's availability is such a great thing for YouTube.

In the next several days, YouTube is preparing to launch Pip on iOS 15 or iOSPad and others.

Once this feature is available on your device, you can enable PiP on your mobile's settings. Once you have enabled it, you will be able to use a YouTube screen running in the background on your mobile's screen but you will only hear the audio. It is not available right now on mobile devices but soon IOS users will start using this app.

YouTube premium users on iPad and iPhones will have full availability of PiP and they will be able to use it on music and non-music videos. In the USA, PiP is also available for free users but you can only access non-music content. The Picture in Picture feature is so easy to use. You just have to play a video on YouTube and leave the app by using your back button. Once you leave the app, a little screen will be available on your mobile screen. You can drag the screen anywhere on your mobile and the video will continue playing.

YouTube says that it was a long-awaited feature that many users were requesting for a long time and this time YouTube listened to those requests. It was a long process but YouTube made it happen through the hard work of its workers and developers.

H/T: 9to5G

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