Google Search’s Suicide Prevention Resources Provide Reliable Support For Those In Crisis

Google is the world’s most user-friendly and reliable search engine. It’s no wonder why so many people from around the globe come and search for solutions, including those stuck in a mental health crisis.

Today, suicide happens to be one of the major causes of death internationally, and we’re talking about all age groups.

According to recent data released by the CDC, the main cause of death for children between the ages of 10 and 14 is suicide. The same goes for those arising in the 25-34 year age bracket, and that just goes to show how alarming of a problem the situation is in the US alone. But a similar trend is being witnessed worldwide too.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, Google has made sure that it plays an integral part in helping those members of society who may be struggling with their mental health and wellbeing.

Google has spoken about how its Search is commonly filled with queries on a controversial subject and that’s why it has put up the topic at the top of its results so that those seeking assistance can get it without delay.

The pandemic has exacerbated the need for high quality, free, timely and actionable health information — since the pandemic began, people are searching for “mental health hotline” twice as much as they did before.

For this reason, Google says it has worked closely with various NGOs and similar institutions to launch a hotline number so that those struggling with mental health can contact. Remember, suicide doesn’t happen naturally. Experts claim it’s the last step taken by people who are fighting demons within that nobody else knew about. And that’s the reason why counseling is so important to combat such issues.

Google adds that search interests for mental health-based assistance have rapidly increased this past year with record highs getting recorded. Therefore, that’s the reason why Google didn’t think twice before launching its 988 helpline that gives users critical help when needed.

The executive director for the helpline has applauded the initiative as the new name for hope where people can get help discreetly, whenever they feel alone and need someone to talk to. Dr. John Draper also revealed that the decision to include such a helpline is a historic moment in the US where mental health is being stressed as a leading priority over all others.

But what happens when you end up calling or texting the helpline. Well, the answer is simple. You get linked to a trained and professional counselor that listens to you speak without passing any comments or judgments.

They give you support and assist you by providing the best resources that can improve your situation and outlook on life.

Hence, transitioning to 988 is being viewed as a platform for those stuck in emotional situations and a crisis. You are cared for and protected during this struggle of life.

But Google isn’t new at helping its users. For the past ten years, we’re seeing the tech giant work with so many other institutions that provide support for people navigating through subjects like violence, abuse, drugs, and suicide.

Google doesn’t only give them the right source of information but it offers help through its partners to avert crises.

Interestingly, Google has chosen to expand its hotline beyond the US. It’s currently working with Belgium, Pakistan, and Costa Rica with plans to extend further. And we feel the initiative must be applauded.

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