YouTube Partners Up With Shopify And Launches Exciting New Shopping Features

YouTube has ventured into the world of eCommerce with a bang and this includes a striking new partnership with Shopify. The new deal will enable both creators and businesses to put their products on display across different channels.

Therefore, if you happen to be an eligible creator, you shouldn’t waste any more time and get right into linking the famous Shopify store with your channel on the app.

The company revealed today how it would be busy rolling out a series of shopping features that both viewers, as well as creators, can benefit from. Hence, after linking the outlets, you can put your goods on display through your channel.

Furthermore, creators can make the most of the store’s inventory by linking it to their channel’s name. For now, the option is solely limited to creators based in the US. However, we don’t see why it won’t be expanding to further nations really soon.

Previously, if you wished to make a purchase, users would have to first leave the app and then complete the purchasing process. Now, you can stay on the app and carry on as usual. This way, creators are being given the chance to benefit and make the most of this partnership. Simply head on over to the app’s tab for Shopping that’s located in the Studio.

On the other hand, the company announced how it would now be resorting to giving users a different type of shopping experience by allowing for various destinations to be available on the Explore tab. This will be for viewers located in the US, Brazil, and also India.

The shopping destination feature will reportedly contain a number of content that can be shopped by users located in these particular nations. But if your country isn’t listed here, there’s no reason to worry because the platform hopes to expand to more nations by the end of this year.

YouTube has also recently introduced a dynamic feature for its creators who will be given the chance to gain access to various features for shopping via a live option. This would include the ability to tag certain products to any Livestream with help from its Control Room.

Last but not least, YouTube is also introducing an array of new tools for its creators within the Studio for shopping. To get access, simply click on the shopping button so that you can manage how different goods are being tagged and how they’re seen on any channel.

The company knows how hard creators work to get their products out and that’s why it’s going the extra mile to manage stores on the platform. Also, it hopes the new initiative would make things more accessible for audiences.

It’s quite clear the direction that YouTube plans on heading in. Lately, it’s been busy working hard to convert the app into the best shopping location where product launches and Livestream shopping experiences rule the day.

Several weeks back, we saw YouTube send out teasers related to some new features related to shopping and brand discovery. One of the more dynamic ones to have gotten people’s attention is the chance for two content creators to appear live simultaneously. These people would co-host a session that centers around a shopping theme.

YouTube will also soon launch another feature called live redirects where creators begin a live session, followed by audience members being redirected towards another channel for a particular brand.

As you can see, the efforts being put up by YouTube are plenty and the company hopes that its new shopping endeavors will allow for more growth in terms of eCommerce.

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