Google Reverts Back To Displaying Key Information On App Pages After Major Controversy

When you think of the Google Play Store, you can’t limit it to being one that’s restricted to just downloading apps and games. Instead, it’s a place where Android users are made to feel safe and secure, having blind faith in all its offerings.

Therefore, you can only imagine what would happen when a popular app store that serves millions suddenly opted to remove some key information regarding permissions from its apps’ pages. And that too without providing any detailed explanation as to why.

The news went viral and clearly took the world by storm, with many bashing the store for playing with people’s sentiments.

Many began to argue how the Play Store is known for its clear-cut and detailed information that makes users understand what changes are being offered and why you should get on board with them.

This could be related to safety because in case you didn’t know, Google manages to put forward the safest storefront for millions of Android users around the globe.

Just last week, Google chose to alter its safety section by replacing some of the most pivotal information across various app pages. But today, we’re seeing a complete reversion of that decision, not to mention a precise explanation as to what had happened and why the company chose to go with it.

The entire purpose of Data Safety is to give details of how an app may end up gathering your personal details and hence serve as a guide for users, allowing them to understand how modern-day apps invade a user’s privacy.

Google says that it had forced all of its developers to provide detailed updates on all of their apps’ listings so that permissions were clearly visible and users could feel comfortable when making such installations.

A lot of huge firms failed to take this into heed and hence we had tech giants like Facebook and Amazon, among others, appearing without any details about permission information across Google’s storefront.

Seeing users kept in the dark on matters like this is clearly worrying because you don’t know what service needs before you end up downloading it.

Releasing a tweet about the matter in this regard from an account shared by Android developers, the tech giant revealed that the old section for permissions was going to come back on the Play Store very soon.

This is clear backtracking on Google’s part in regard to how it felt the whole Data Safety maneuver was going to function.

Meanwhile, the company also took this chance to clarify what exactly the difference between Data Safety and app permissions was. And the answer is that the former contains details listed down by developers regarding how user data would be collected.

On the other hand, app permissions are more based on permissions that arise during the time of installing a particular app.

We feel the change for the old to be reinstated is definitely a situation that will be welcomed by many who felt the need to bash the company for removing details about the ways data was collected or how permissions were needed to proceed further.

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