Google has now made the Switch To Android app available on a variety of phones and here is all you need to know about it

Users who choose to turn their Android phone into an iOS one or vice versa isn’t something we see regularly, but it does happen. Google and Apple have apps on both the App Store and the Play Store that can enable users to switch the OS.

The Google version of the app launched just a few months ago on the Apple App Store. That app is one trusty companion when starting your journey to change your iPhone into an Android one. This app’s launch was very unlike what we expected because it was so sneakily launched. Every company, not just starts advertising their product even before it is launched. But that might have been because the app is only available for Google’s own mobile phone line Google Pixel, which encompasses only a small amount of Android devices in the market.

However, now that itself is changing as Google has just announced that it now provides wider support for the app thus making it available on a variety of Android phones. Also, the iOS version of the app now supports all phones that have the Android 12 update. And while Android 12 is still not used by the majority of Android users, almost all the new devices that are coming out soon or have come out recently come with Android 12 already installed in the factory version. Also, if the phone that you are thinking of buying does not come with the new update then in that case, you should probably rethink your decision and choose a better option. For the people with iPhones who are thinking of making the switch, then good for you because the odds for a more seamless transition are in your favor.

If you are a user looking for steps on how to transition then we have got you. Once you have your new device in your hands the change to Android app on iOS will ask you to connect your iPhone either with a cable or wirelessly. Once it is connected then the app will give you instructions on how to transfer your data which can include contacts, photos and calendars into your new Android device. The app will also tell you how to disable iMessage before you make the switch because that can be a real pain once you have fully transitioned. However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind, your application data will not be transferred.

If you are a person with an Android phone that you want to shift your data in, but the former does not have Android 12 then there is a third party app that is sure to work and will transfer your data without complications, however, that app isn’t as seamless as the original app from Google.

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