Google Chrome Prepares Users With The Ability To Translate Selected Text While Adding More Languages

Google Translate is considered to be so many people’s go-to option when it comes down to overcoming a great many hurdles related to language barriers. The famous Chrome extension is your best friend as it makes you more equipped with the right tools to translate on the web for free.

But with the pros do come some cons and that’s related to the all-or-nothing way of working that Google swears by when functioning as your translator. Remember, not everything needs to be translated and there are occasions where you may wish to perhaps only translate a small text passage.

And if that’s the case, Google Translate is finally bringing some good news for its fans with a number of updates that tackle all of these issues. Recently spotted by one Reddit user named Leopeva64, Google Chrome is conducting a series of trials to see if its option for translating ‘partial’ text on a specific website works. In particular, this means saying hello to the translation of the text that a user has especially highlighted on a webpage.

Today, Google’s Chrome translation tool is designed to carry out whole page translation instead of small bits that users require. Yes, it may work out fine for many but we feel that it’s definitely not the best decision for those pages which have certain chunks in other languages.

We also see how the language option works for just one particular language, carrying out the translation from that displayed to one that the user requires. But again, it’s just a single language.

But with the new update in place, Google Chrome says users will see a bubble pop up as a part of its address bar. Hence, you can now translate text pieces after selecting those you desire.

To access this, simply click on the button of the address bar or right-click your text and then select the ‘translate to’ option. But don’t worry, you can still translate the entire page like before, depending on your needs.

For now, the feature is being tested so it’s not rolled out yet but we’re definitely getting a clear idea of which direction Google intends on going towards.

But another major addition to its translation update is Google Chrome allowing users to select different languages and switch between them. This wasn’t possible before and all you need to do is go to the Setting tab and click on the language of your preference.

We should be seeing these features function in the next update so stay tuned!

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