Google Chrome’s New Version Is Bringing Better Video Calling Experiences While Adding New Developer Tools

It wouldn’t be wrong to say Google Chrome’s latest version is being welcomed with open arms, thanks to the great benefits that it arises with.

The new update is solving so many people’s issues related to poor video conferencing and is also introducing some unique developer tools along the way.

The Beta 104 version is currently on display by Google where users can get a glimpse of some of the exciting and useful changes that the world’s popular browser has in store.

These new updates will be available for use on a number of Android, macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS devices with Linux recently joining the list too. However, Chrome iOS might be running a different version altogether.

For a while now, the company has been facing plenty of user concerns related to video conferencing that although supported by Chrome, failed to function well with commands like screen shares particularly when it comes to sharing a specific portion of the screen. And what users ended up with was nothing less than a hall of mirror phenomenon.

Now, users can cut video screen shares with the help of "Region Capture" while removing different content like live feeds of various call members, right before they share it in a remote manner. So you can bid farewell to the chances of sharing awkward instances of participants while using Google Meet.

A few other changes that users may expect include Media Queries getting updates with an array of features. This includes greater feasibility for developers while making use of comparison operators while they create a certain page.

In addition to that, the browser’s cookies that come with specific attributes like ‘Max-Age’ or ‘Expires’ will be limited to 400 days. And in case you happen to be wondering why 400, well, Google says it is equivalent to 13 months so why not.

This is going to make sure these websites that had been visited at least once a year continue to function as normally as expected.

A few other changes that users might be noticing in the upcoming few weeks are related to giving sites the benefit of putting full-screen content and even pop-ups across secondary screens.

We’re also hearing more news about some changes for Bluetooth API and enhanced Color Canvas for the Web. For now, that just includes the regular Display-p3. Before we forget, users need to keep an eye out for a web tool that entails focus navigation without requiring customized solutions too.

Lastly, we’re seeing changes related to the browser’s payment tools which now allow users to select an option that does not store any sensitive information like credit or debit card numbers.

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