Google CEO Tells Employees To ‘Work Harder Or Else’ Amid Fears Of Job Cuts During Looming Recession

In a world where global inflation and economic uncertainty appear to be on the rise, more and more tech firms are resorting to job cuts and a slower hiring process.

Amid the looming recession, Google and its parent firm Alphabet’s CEO Sundar Pichai has informed his employees to work harder and with more passion and hunger. To be more exact, his words included working in a more ‘entrepreneurial’ manner.

The news was relayed in the form of a widespread email sent out to all the employees where a warning of consolidation was provided.

The CEO was seen talking about a very uncertain global outlook in regards to the economy and that’s why the tech giant would also need to be slowing down on its hiring process for the rest of 2022.

In case you weren’t already aware, Google made headlines after it hired a staggering 10,000 employees during Q2 but now, it has been left with no choice but to consolidate where the company witnessed overlaps taking place.

Many tech experts are viewing the news as a clear warning being given to employees so that they step up their game or face the consequences.

Tech firms, be it small scale or large scale, are really taking the global economic crisis seriously where employees are being laid off without being given a second thought. Common names include Tesla, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, among others.

While the Google CEO failed to delineate the term ‘layoff’, he did end up using words like consolidation and streamlining too.

For now, Alphabet has failed to comment on the situation regarding the memo. But it’s quite clear what the picture is looking like.

Remember, during its Q1 unveiling of net profit, the firm reported a staggering 8% YoY turnover which totaled out to become nearly $16.5 billion. Now, we are waiting for July 26 as the company plans on making its grand reveal for the earnings of Q2.

Only recently, Facebook revealed that it would be ending its contract with a leading facilities vendor and the decision would leave 368 employees without jobs. This decision arose keeping in mind the fact that the tech giant has seen slow growth in its advertising sector and therefore it would be slowing down its hiring process.

In the same way, Facebook’s CEO also recently spoke about how the firm wouldn’t be hiring any more engineers for similar reasons.

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