Twitter Says At Least 1.5 Billion Gaming-Related Tweets Were Shared On The App During The First Half Of 2022

The world of gaming has really taken over social media by storm and in case you fail to agree, well, a new insight by Twitter just might make things clearer.

The micro-blogging platform boasts around 1.5 billion gaming tweets were shared on the app during the first half of 2022. To be more specific with the dates, that means the tweets were sent between January 1 through June 30 and that’s a staggering 36% rise when compared to the previous year.

Meanwhile, Twitter Gaming shared its own insights on the situation, outlining how it was Genshin Impact that managed to take the lead in terms of the game that most people adored speaking about around the globe. As far as second place is concerned, the award went to Wordle.

The company has since then released an entire list that delineates which games had been tweeted during H1 of 2022.

These included Ensemble Stars, Final Fantasy, and Project Sekai which rounded up the top five games with obviously Genshin Impact and Wordle taking the lead. After that, we have the likes of Apex Legends, Elden Ring, Fate/Grand Order, Valorant, and The Legend of Zelda included in the top 10.

Similarly, Twitter shed light on which countries tweeted the most about games during that particular period of time and the top five nations included Japan, the US, South Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia. Meanwhile, nations like Brazil, the Phillippines, India, and the United Kingdom were included in the bottom half of the list with Mexico lagging behind in last place.

On the other hand, Twitter Gaming also highlighted the specific teams related to esports that had been talked about the most on the app. This included the likes of Loud Esports, Karmine Corp, Crazy Racoon, FaZe Clan, and paIN Gaming too.

The bottom half of the list for esports teams that were tweeted commonly on the app included G2 Esports, T1, Los Grandes, Fnatic, and Furia Exports.

After that, Twitter decided to rank the Top 5 Gaming Communities that showed the most engagement on the app. This included Retro Gaming, Splatoon!, Xbox Community, Valorant, and Counter-Strike coming in last place.

Last but not least, Twitter revealed which gaming-themed Twitter Spaces led the pack in terms of audience listening and engagement. The top position went to Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard, Let’s Talk. This was reportedly hosted on January 18.

Meanwhile, in second place came Talking About Summer Game Fest Plans & Ideas, which had been hosted on May 22. And in third place came the 100 Thieves Post LCS Talk which was hosted on March 27.

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