Hundreds Of Workers Set To Lose Jobs As Facebook Ends Contract With Facilities Vendor

Meta has recently canceled a contract with leading facilities vendor group ABC Industries. And the consequences of the decision will be felt by hundreds of workers.

The contract cancellation took place at the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley which is located in California where around 350 workers are set to lose their employment as early as this month.

The news was revealed after the documents were filed recently with the California state.

Keeping in mind the already poor state of the economy and global inflation, it now appears to be very clear that Facebook is suffering from issues related to the slowed-down growth of its main advertising business.

Meta had sent out the letter to the vendor during the mid part of last month, where it stated the decision to be final, adding how the cuts related to worker jobs would be in effect as early as the 25th of this month.

Meanwhile, the ABM issued a letter stating how the consequences could see nearly 368 employees being terminated from their positions at California’s 1 Hacker Ways which is located in Menlo Park.

Those that are stated to be a part of the massive cut include night cleaners, kitchen workers, cafe support teams, those involved in recycling, at least 7 managers, and a total of 10 supervisors.

The representative from ABM confirmed the news and mentioned how it had no knowledge about any further details about Meta retaining some or all of the employees and what other plans are in store as far as the vendor is concerned.

Facebook has been experiencing a tough time with its ad business which has shown a massive decline recently, thanks to the world’s rising inflation, the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and also thanks to a great many changes related to privacy that have come into play from Apple’s end.

Therefore, that is why the leading tech giant mentioned in the month of May of 2022 that would be slowing down on hiring as manages to tackle this difficult phase. The news came after the company predicted a decline in its YoY revenue for Q2.

However, the letter given out by Meta for the employee's termination failed to mention the reason why the contract was being canceled. There are some speculations regarding how Facebook is keener on giving another vendor firm a chance as its replacement for the previous one. But there is no news on how many employees would be enrolled in this new contract.

When asked to comment on the matter, representatives from ABM failed to do so.

ABM is renowned for its public trade dealings and how it carries on with the employment of more than 100,000 people across the country. They revealed recently as a part of their earnings call how they’ve got a number of prestigious clients on board which included the likes of Facebook, Google, as well as Adobe.

Even since the pandemic had approached, we’ve seen Facebook take a back seat in terms of its facilities. And that had to do with how some workers were allowed to accept a permanent work-from-home contract.

Just last week, the CEO revealed how the firm would no longer be hiring more engineers, cutting job expectations by a staggering 30%.

On the other hand, this Monday, more shocking news broke out regarding some internal affairs of the firm. The company’s leadership had started to request its employees to take stricter action against those underperforming so they could be reported.

The move was seen as a measure to help clear the organization from those ‘failing’ the firm.

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