Emojis are everyone’s favorite and they have proved it by the surging numbers of usage

Emojis or Emote icons are a very cool way of communicating, whether through texting or through commenting online. Emojis are symbols or tiny pictures that represent all kinds of things and people. As they are so easy to use and interpret, they are used all across the world and it shows.

According to Emojipedia’s blog, last year a few weeks before World Emoji Day, usage of Emojis reached a 10-year high with 47 million tweets that included Emojis. This year the number has climbed even higher with 22% of all tweets sent out this July including at least 1 Emoji.

Out of all the 3,600 Emojis that are available almost a quarter of tweets included one of them just this July. Emojis are popular with both teens and preteens along with adults as well.

This month of July saw a huge surge in the amount of Emojis being used also leaving behind the last surge that Emoji saw in December thanks to the Christmassy type Emojis like the wrapped gift, the Christmas tree, and Santa Claus.

All of this adds up to the result of June and July 22 being the record-breaking months of Emoji usage. According to Emojipedia, these two months have had the highest amount of Emoji use since their records began in July 2011 more than a decade ago.

While there are 3,600 Emojis available to the users, there are two who have always been in the race for the top spot, they are the laughing with tears of joy emoji 😂 and the crying with tears streaming down the face emoji 🤦‍.

While the top spot has always been claimed by the former, such is not the case now as the crying with tears streaming down the face Emoji has taken the spot.

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