Gen Z is all set to become the educated generation in their pursuit of a happy life

Education is the most important thing for everyone no matter their age or in this case generation. While Baby Boomers and Gen Z have very few things in common, according to a new study by an email marketing firm Emma, which is named Higher Ed Marketing Insights from Gen Z to Boomers – How to Tailor Marketing for Different Generations, there is one thing that is shared by both of them and that is, they both are in the chase of online learning.

Finding a good job is a significant priority for everyone and a good education is a must for that, in a survey by the parent company of Emma, CM Group, and F’inn, it was said that 34% of Gen Z has made it their priority to find a high–paying job and to achieve this they already on the path to become the most educated generation in the United States.

The study also revealed that 49% of Gen Z sources their information from YouTube and another 37% get it from Twitter. These two together are the highest total from any generation. However, 34% of millennials get their news and information from Facebook, but they also use TV News and YouTube to stay in the loop as well. In the middle of all this 87%, almost a quarter of Baby Boomers are the most concerned about their online privacy.

According to Lou Riordan who is the Director at F’inn, most of the marketers for Higher education institutes are putting all their focus on the younger generation as they are the only generation group that has different preferences than the other generations so they need a different way of communication. As an example, 60% tend to prefer ads that are in some way relevant to their lives and the things that they need.

Even though Gen Z is the most internet-using generation, every generation surveyed by CM Group and F’inn had some sort of expectations from digital marketing, most of them being relevant to their needs or their life.

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