Bill Gates Envisions Giving Away All His Wealth To His Charity Foundation

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is no longer keen on being a part of the world’s richest individuals. The billionaire recently unveiled some dramatic plans relating to his wealth and how he wished to donate all his funds to charity.

The renowned philanthropist explained on Wednesday how he wished to virtually pass on all his wealth to the charity foundation owned by his former partner Melinda Gates which is called ‘The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.’

Gates mentioned the news via a thread on Twitter where he stated how the process of fulfilling his unique vision had already begun as the billionaire recently transferred a staggering $20 billion towards the charity so that it could pick up the pace in terms of spending.

He also hoped that this new move would bring up spending by around $9 billion each year, which is a goal he foresees being completed by the year 2026. Gates already revealed how they’ve been a fair share of setbacks to the charity’s spending, thanks to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine as well as the pandemic, among other factors.

The billionaire reiterated how he predicted his future to be one where all the wealth lay in charity, confirming how he would obviously be removed from the list of the world’s richest people too with this move.

Bill Gates also took this chance to thank his long-time friend, investor, and fellow billionaire Warren Buffet for always being so gracious with his contributions to Gates’ charity. He also confirmed that one of the major reasons his foundation has managed to remain so ambitious was because of Buffet’s kindness.

Interestingly, Bill Gates, his former wife Melinda French Gates, and Warren Buffet have all joined hands in the past for a drive titled, “The Giving Pledge” which was discovered in 2020. This initiative is one where all three have vowed to donate the majority of their wealth to charity or philanthropy.

It would be done either in their lifetime or afterward, as mentioned in their wills. And the movement has since then received around 200 billionaire signatures from across the globe.

The Microsoft co-founder revealed how he has always felt a strong obligation toward giving back to society in a manner that turns out to have the biggest impact in enhancing others' lives and putting an end to their suffering.

He also prayed that others who have been blessed with wealth get inspired by his vision and follow in similar footsteps to help those that are less privileged.

In case you didn’t know, Bill Gates has always remained super vocal on subjects like these and that’s why the news of him giving his wealth away to a charity foundation that belongs to his ex-partner isn’t too surprising for many.

Similarly, Gates has also expressed his views on a number of global issues such as climate change. But the biggest surprise arrived when he added that his wealth wouldn’t be inherited by his kids to become rich as he’d be giving most of it away.

Photo: Eric Vidal / Reuters

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