Americans Left Divided Between Their Economic Crisis Versus Environmental Issues, According To New Survey

There has been plenty of change taking place in the US recently with striking decisions being handed down by the country’s Judicial system. The most recent was related to the overruling of the Roe v. Wade Act that left the country in a state of shock, not to mention the massive uproar it managed to create.

This compounded with a growing economic downturn in the nation has really left little hope for positivity. Let’s not forget to speak about another decision regarding the environment that was recently overturned by the US Supreme Court.

On June 30, we saw the passing of a decision that basically prevented the chance of the Federal Government from intervening and controlling the number of greenhouse emissions produced by power plants.

As revealed by the Chief Justice recently, these types of decisions and the great magnitude with which they come rely on Congress or any other agency that pursues the decision as a delegation belonging to their respective body.

A recent chart came into the eyes of the public thanks to a survey that was performed by YouGov. It questioned a number of adults belonging to the US about how they felt about the issues affecting the country these days and what should be more in focus.

And that’s when a number of unique answers came into play. Interestingly, the results proved that nearly 50% of respondents felt that the major issue affecting the nation was the economic crisis and that’s why more efforts need to be focused in that direction.

Meanwhile, another 50% of people who responded felt like more importance must be given to issues related to climate change as it was the duty of the country to start making amendments before the situation got out of control.

They also felt that this growing issue was more important to solve than the current economic crisis taking place.

And if we really break down the statistics, it was revealed that 20% of those who felt climate change was important to tackle, identified themselves as Republicans. On the other hand, 73% of Americans surveyed who felt like the declining economy was not a bigger issue than climate change, identified themselves as Democrats.

On the other hand, there was another question mentioned in the survey, asking respondents if they had heard about ongoing West Virginia versus EPA case before the verdict of the court was received.

Shockingly, two-thirds of those surveyed said no. Also, we’d like to share that 18 different states had opposed prior rulings on the issue, joining West Virginia. These were identified as the famous red states that include the likes of Texas and Alabama.

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