Apple’s ‘Lockdown Mode’ For iPhones Will Secure Users From State-Sponsored Hackers

This week Apple launched a brand new functionality for iPhone users that is outlined to be an added protective measure against state-sponsored hackers.

The feature which has been named ‘Lockdown Mode’ was unveiled by the tech giant on Wednesday. And that’s where the firm announced how it was exclusively for those that come under the high-profile category. Common examples include politicians as well as activists who many deem to be vulnerable targets by such groups.

But what exactly does the lockdown mode do is a question on so many people’s minds? Well, for starters, you can expect it to shut down a number of notable features across iPhones. And that just makes users less likely to be affected by spyware.

On the other hand, it dramatically reduces the number of features which can be accessed by attackers. And that curbs hacking instances by a massive degree.

To be more specific, the firm was seen highlighting how it can disable the phone’s messages, and Safari Browser, and even put a stop to new profiles getting installed. And just in case that wasn’t enough, you can even watch it blocking any disruptive wired connections.

This way, the data seen on the device has little to no chance of being copied. Lastly, you can expect it to shut down all sorts of service requests coming in from Apple such as FaceTime.

On average, it is believed that Apple will end up allocating funds up to $2 million so that researchers can really work hard and try to find some errors in the Lockdown Mode. And that just goes to show how adamant they are in making sure this venture of theirs is a success.

The news comes just a few months after it was revealed by the company how so many high-profile iPhone users were being targeted and having their phones hacked.

These attacks were very intricately designed and performed without a user even clicking on any particular link.

Other than that, we know that the leading tech giant has been at the forefront of many government officials who have asked Apple to do something about the concerning matter before it was too late.

This included a summary of how these attacks were being conducted and if the firm had any solution in terms of preventing them from taking place or allowing for their detection.

As one can probably expect, some hackers were said to be financially motivated while the malware designed could end up forcing users to give their sensitive details like passwords or force the hackers to enter into their financial accounts.

The new Lockdown Mode is designed for those individuals that believe they could be targeted and hence require an added degree of security. Meanwhile, Apple is claiming to have developed the most costly tools that are being sold off to higher authorized bodies like government institutions and other law enforcement agencies.

The whole idea is to understand how the iPhone’s system works with the help of undiscovered bugs. This way, it’s easy to gauge how hackers make use of the system’s microphone and the cameras while stealing important history details along the way.

Apple says this new feature is great for public officials, military veterans, journalists, human rights activists, top politicians, and more. The company continued how such people are more likely to be targeted than the rest in regards to cyber-attacks and that’s why it’s stepping in to prevent such ordeals from taking place.

The feature won’t be a part of the phone’s default settings but can be switched on easily through the assistance of a single tap.

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