Facebook In Trouble As Ex-Employee Says The App Gave Its Staff Full Access To Deleted User Data

Facebook has landed itself in the middle of a new controversy that has so many people talking thanks to the concerning subject involved.

A former fired employee is raising the curtains on how the firm gave its workers full access to data that had been deleted by users. And now, the ex-content screener of the organization is explaining how his position had been terminated for ringing the alarm against such shocking practices.

Brennan Lawson explained how Facebook’s new internal policy gave enough room for its workforce to circumvent sensitive data that had initially been deleted by users. But little did they know that employees of the organization would soon be able to grab a hold of it.

Now Lawson is taking legal steps against Facebook and suing its parent firm Meta with allegations regarding how he was the first to raise the warning alarm during an important staff meeting held in 2018. He even claims to be bold enough to question how such practices could be allowed and if they were deemed to be legal too.

But little did he know that he would be terminated from his job and requested to leave the organization immediately. And that’s why he found trouble finding a new job for a good 18 months.

Now, Lawson is seeking financial compensation in the form of $3 million with a series of other damage expenses.

It is believed that the new steps taken by Facebook to retrieve and share deleted data of users went against the EU’s privacy rules as well as an FTC order.

According to these rules, Facebook was obliged to correctly inform all of its users regarding how it planned on retaining its data, as stated in the complaint filed.

Lawson continues to add how he knew that he was entering a dangerous territory that could cost him his job but he wished to do his duties with transparency and if that meant being fired for acting righteously, then so be it.

This new protocol was most benefited by law enforcement agencies who requested such data to be given to them by Facebook so they could be assisted during their investigations.

A lot of the questions raised by such agencies would include how a particular suspect had used the platform and which contacts they were communicating with. At the same time, the exact content of messages was also requested and Facebook’s Escalations Team felt no hesitation in unveiling the data.

H/T: Bloomberg

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