Vishing Scam Rates Are Getting Triple of Phishing Scams And Scammers are on the loose freely

Research conducted by IBM suggests that scams carried out by vishing are most likely to succeed and scammers use phone calls to deceive people. Vishing or commonly known as voice phishing is getting more common as time is passing, as it has been reported that the percentage has increased from 17.8% to 53.2%. The report was published by IBM's X-Force Threat Intelligence report and the results are quite concerning.

Phishing attacks sum up a large proportion of cyberattacks. This scamming method makes 41% of the frauds done this year, as compared to 33% in 2021. This tells that the scammers are getting powerful and making their game strong. Due to the popularity and easy access of Google, Microsoft, and Apple, scammers like to use these platforms for phishing attacks and the victims usually fall for it easily.

Cyber attackers have excelled in phishing attacks and social engineering with great success and now they are moving towards vishing. X-Force reported that in 2021 many attackers were using phishing to gain access to victim networks for ransomware attacks. Usually, the attackers gain information through your emails and then steal your data based on random invoices, reported IBM. IBM also studied how these attackers scam users' data and found out that it gets stolen by email addresses and passwords. 61% of the data was also stolen by credit cards. The other forms of data targeted were through the postal mail address. The percentage for this type of information collection is 40%. Through phone numbers, it was 22%. The date of birth and identity card number, it is 17% and 15% respectively. Other forms were through security questions and atm pins. Their percentage is 14% and 3% respectively.

However, phishing and vishing kits do not last for a long time. Mostly they are just made to be used for a few hours and after that, they expire. It can only gain mostly 75 victims per deployment and then again they have to start from scratch. It is safe to say that cybercrime is getting more and more common and many people are finding solace in it. However, we can't promise that it pays much because it is a stressful job that makes your sleep go away. Cybercrime just goes and go, with no chance of stopping anytime soon.

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