Apple Announces Big Changes For 2023 Including Slower Hiring And Reduced Team Spending

Tech giant Apple is making sure its plans for the year 2023 are in line with the current situation of economic slowdown and uncertainty around the globe.

The company revealed how it would be slowing down its hiring process while reducing its spending on selective teams as early as next year.

Thankfully, the firm says that not everyone is going to be affected by the decision. However, it boldly mentioned that there will be no more room for backfilling roles and hiring new personnel like we’ve seen the company do in the past.

The news was recently reported by Bloomberg which shared how the firm is just aligning itself with the current economic downturn taking place, after speaking to people hailing from the organization itself.

Apple’s insiders claim that the new decisions are a part of an overall plan and that the company has to be more careful with so much uncertainty taking place. They also stated that such decisions shouldn’t be viewed as a policy of the company.

Insiders from the tech firm who chose to remain anonymous delineated that there is no slowing down in terms of product launches, which the company plans to continue as competitively as ever. These were all a part of the recent deliberations being mentioned at a private conference at Apple.

One of the biggest product launches that many are anticipating from Apple is its mixed reality headset which has been speculated about since 2015. Hence, to hear it finally coming out is a relief for many in the tech world.

The information being released comes just a few moments before the tech giant puts its earnings for Q3 on display for the world. These will entail findings from April to June of this year.

In the previous quarter, we saw Apple reporting a mega $97 billion of revenue which was a huge increase of nearly 9% when looking at the previous year.

In the same way, we saw the company report a staggering profit worth $25 billion which many couldn’t help but applaud. And the icing on the cake had to do with all of Apple’s products showing exponential growth in sales, other than the iPad which was drastically affected due to issues in the supply chain.

Other common problems to have affected the organization included a series of external factors that hampered sales such as the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. And as you can imagine, that really caused a dent when Apple chose to put an end to all of its sales in Russia to stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

For now, it’s not quite clear how other external factors would be affecting the firm’s sales. Remember, Apple says it’s currently putting great focus on its VR and its AR products. But that doesn’t mean it’s not mindful of how things will work out in the near future.

Remember, the organization is still struggling to find its path as far as its car-based projects are concerned. But for now, it’s hoping for the best as it carries on with growth from other services like the latest series of iPhones.

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