TikTok Is Giving Advertisers More Control Over Their Content With Inventory Filters

TikTok is going one step ahead in making sure advertisers get the safeguarding control they need with their content.

The company plans on doing this through the launch of its new inventory filters which are currently in their testing phase.

The whole purpose is to make sure ads aren’t affected by offensive clips seen on the platform but that’s only if advertisers deem it necessary.

TikTok recently explained how the inventory filter gives advertisers a whole new degree of control of the type of content being aligned next to their ads on the app. In addition, they highlighted how the new filter is a huge milestone for the network and will be available in up to 25 different nations and over 15 different languages.

The post released by the brand in regards to this stated how the whole purpose was related to safety on TikTok and a new foundation for technology that would assist in future ad postings on the platform too.

The innovative feature was recently created through the app’s Ads Manager and it makes use of machine learning so that a number of different concerns get detected whenever a certain content has been published through the app.

Once published, every content is filtered into three separate categories, which include Full, Standard, and also Limited options too.

The Full category is related to content that comes under the subheading of being high in risk. While the content is yet to violate any policies outlined by the app, it could end up pushing the limits in terms of what others do find acceptable.

Common examples of content that falls in this category are uploads glorifying various themes that many dub as mature in nature.

On the other hand, content falling into the Standard category are those that many deem to be high in terms of risk but don’t violate any policies. But that does mean you may come across a few mature themes occasionally.

This is bound to give a few advertisers a huge degree of control regarding where certain promotions come on the app. However, the real accuracy in terms of which content falls in which category will ultimately be determined by TikTok via an automated basis.

Also, the true value and how useful such classifications turn out to be will again be determined by TikTok’s built-in system.

The company has revealed how a lot of brands have already begun using the inventory filters after it was announced during a trial phase. Moreover, it’s astonishing to note how so many of the brands involved called out the feature for producing such astonishing results and we’re talking figures as high as 99% in terms of safe delivery performance.

TikTok has further added how the filter technology will advance with the help of real-time learning and can even adapt to various changing content trends.

This is also clear proof of how TikTok’s systems are super advanced in terms of figuring out what’s trending in the creator world and what users wish to see. This is how so many of us get what we want through the app’s ‘For You’ feed.

There have been some controversies about how far TikTok is willing to go to gain access to user data but the app claims that while its Chinese version of the app may be involved in such invasive practices, TikTok steers clear from such behavior.

Yes, the systems can identify aspects within a particular clip that people love so that the platform displays more of such content. But with such enticing algorithms in play, it makes sense how the app manages to come up with such great tools for more secure ad placements.

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