WhatsApp Is Rolling Out A Feature That Allows Users To Rename Linked Devices To Business Accounts

After the app’s latest decision to roll out functionality that enhances business account displays with cover photos, the company is now releasing another exciting feature.

The new update will allow users to rename different devices that have been linked to their business accounts on the app. The only criteria that need to be fulfilled are having the latest version of the app on both Android as well as iOS.

A while back, we informed our readers about the app’s Premium account and the many services on offer. Amongst those included subscription plans that were not only optional but offered a number of additional features for various business accounts.

And now that we’ve got the Premium account offers on board, users are now being given the opportunity to not only link 10 devices but also the chance to rename them when connecting with their single original account on the app.

In addition to that, they’re going to be given the chance to create a customized business link for that too. There are however some reports that signal this feature as a free-of-cost one so it’s not necessarily restricted to the premium account subscription. And this link feature has even begun to be rolled out today for various businesses.

So, how does this actually work? Simply understand that this feature becomes available as soon as you link any new device with your account on WhatsApp. You don’t have to do this there and then as the app gives you the ability to change names when you find it best.

Simply open your app, click on the settings tab, press linked devices, and then change the name.

But what is WhatsApp introducing this feature? What benefits, if any, will it bring? If that’s the sort of question on your mind, well, the answer is very straightforward.

The new ability to give custom names to linked devices can serve as an intricate business tool. They’re going to assist different businesses in understanding who the owner of the device is. It’s an exclusive functionality that won’t be up for grabs on classic WhatsApp accounts.

Other than that, do know that names set up for linked devices are solely private. Therefore, clients won’t be knowing or see the name. Secondly, the app is also planning on revamping its linked device platform for both Android users and those with iPhones. Hence, do keep a lookout for that soon.

The new Beta user feature is getting launched for business accounts today so do update your app to make the most of it.


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