WhatsApp Is Rolling Out A Range Of Exciting New Updates And Here’s What To Expect

WhatsApp is on the verge of introducing an array of salient features as a part of its new update and we’ve got all the latest news for you.

As per WABetaInfo, the company is working on a series of changes that are related to how users enter the account. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s an added layer of security that you get before making a login attempt.

Known as the double verification security code for your account, the update will soon be launched for both Android and iOS users.

Recently, we saw the app introduce a customization approach for privacy settings. And that works well while excluding some individuals from glancing over at your details. Moreover, the code will help in verifying the integrity of the code allotted for the desktop version of the app.

With the new double verification method, anyone trying to log into an account from a different source will first need to pass the extra layer of security for confirmation. And in case you happen to be wondering why, well, the answer is simple- they’re trying to reduce the number of stolen accounts on the app.

Hence, this is what users can expect. When your first attempt to enter is successful, you need another code that’s six digits long, which will complete your entry process. Once that is attempted, the owner of the account will receive a text that there’s an attempt being made to log in. And only with the second code can you be given access.

To date, there is yet to be any app that offers this much protection for instant messaging applications. And that’s why we feel it can really do wonders at giving users fool-proof security.

Next up, we’ve got a confirmation that the app is rolling out the ability to send files as large as 2GB on the app. And it’s being launched today.

In March of this year, we heard rumors about how the app was busy testing out the new functionality in Argentina where large file sizes could be sent out. While some lucky users were able to benefit, the rest was forced to sit back and wait. But thankfully, the waiting period is finally over.

Today, users who update their apps on Android devices can benefit from it and share large documents as the rollout is active.

To make use of the functionality, simply send out a large file size to any contact in your list via a chat and see the magic unfold. For those who can’t send it now, they’ll need to wait a little while longer and will have to stick to files that are 100MB, as the activation might be planned for the near future.

Lastly, we’ve got news from Wabetainfo about WhatsApp working on another exciting future update that comprises group poll results and how users can view it.

The launch of the viewing of group poll results for iOS, desktop, and Android users would be a part of another future update. With the new feature, all members or participants taking part can view the poll’s final results.

The results that are viewed the most will be pinned towards the top and will come under the heading of Top Option. Viewers will also be shown an option of percentages for the results of every option present in the poll.

For now, the functionality is still under development so there could be some more additions being added to this update before the final release.

We’ll keep you posted on when the update will be launched as the app is yet to make any announcements in that regard.

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