New WhatsApp Updates For Group Calls Are About To Be Released

We hear about WhatsApp updates almost daily. Now WhatsApp has updated its group call features with some new changes that are very beneficial to the users. In addition to the new update that enables the users to add up to 32 people in a group call, WhatsApp has updated with some new updates that will help users mute and message the participants in the call.

Recently WhatsApp Team announced this update for iOS and Android Beta WhatsApp users. The update is available for some non-beta users too. WhatsApp is working to make this update available for all users as soon as possible. But some of you will still get an advantage from the new features after updating your app.

The new updates include an option to mute a participant in a group call. You can mute them and the participant can mute himself too. This feature is advantageous as it will help in better communication and comprehension of the topic that will be discussed in the call. This update will help you host business meetings more smoothly.

You can also send messages to a participant during the group call. You will also be notified by an indicator when a new participant will join the call.

These new updates will be available to all the devices gradually. The users will be able to join group calls on WhatsApp on every device. Whether it's an android, IOS or Windows or Mac, this new update of WhatsApp will be available to all the users. It may take a little while for this update to reach all devices, but the work is being done fastly and speculations are that this update will be available to all users at the end of this year.

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