TikTok’s Parent Company Is Ready To Invest ‘Tons Of Money’ To Create VR-Related Content

The world of virtual reality has really taken over the digital world by storm and now we’re seeing a number of different companies come forward and invest in the ordeal.

The latest member to be included is TikTok’s parent company Bytedance which seems to be all set to invest plenty of money to enter the happening space as confirmed by Protocol in a recent report.

Meanwhile, one insider close to Protocol mentioned to the media outlet how there were plenty of funds being allocated to invest towards the creation of content relating to the world of VR.

To be more specific, we now know that plenty of that money will solely be put towards the hiring phase of the process. Protocol confirmed how more than 40 hiring listings for Pico were made public and that just goes to show the company’s great enthusiasm on the matter.

For those who may not be aware, Pico is the name of the Chinese-based producer of VR headsets that the company acquired in the year 2021.

While these job listings are for the VR firm’s California and Washington branches, they do range severely in terms of their positions. And we are talking leads for virtual reality game strategy makers to VR operation managers too. As you can see, the diversity is there.

Meanwhile, a closer look at the job listings also makes it very evident how ByteDance is relying a lot on Pico’s innovative hardware including optical engineers while electrical engineers would be included too.

But keeping all of that aside, we do know that Pico is yet to establish itself as a market leader in the US. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a firm in the growing phase.

The company is still searching for its own sales department lead and that shows how they’re more than keen on making the American target market a part of their resume. In particular, the firm says the leader for their consumer sales needs to be someone who is in charge of both sales and marketing and can take charge of their overall products in America.

But with the support of a leading company such as ByteDance, we do see it getting the push it requires to perform at its best and compete against other archrivals who may be offering similar VR headsets.

Common competitors in this category include Meta and Playstation. But we’re seeing Pico’s flagship headset called Pico Neo 3 Link really being a standout against others. This was launched last month in Europe and stands at a price tag of $472.

Interestingly, the specifics of the product are more or less in line with Meta’s Quest 2. That stands at just $399 and its 12 GB variant is for $299 only. But both of these products do have the same amount of memory and storage.

We do see the Pico headset adding one other strap and if sold on a separate basis, it costs nearly $49 for the accessory alone. Additional features include its DisplayPort connection that enhances image quality when linked to a PC.

Therefore, we don’t see why this can’t stand out against Meta’s version.

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